About Us


Our Journey

OTC was founded in 1981 from humble beginnings and has since grown to become a prolific one-stop technology hardware and software supplier.

Over the years, it transformed from an industrial automation and geographical supply chain provider to an Industrial IoT technology provider. This allows the company’s past experience to culminate into more advanced technologies surrounding the Industrial IoT practices. OTC’s ecosystems of partners ensure that clients from different verticals like manufacturing, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, retail, transport and logistics get to enjoy best-of-breed technologies and services throughout the project life cycle.

Our Commitment

At OTC, technology is our forte. We drive hardware and application innovation through our partnership with various technology partners.

Today, OTC is known by customers around the Southeast Asia, South Asia and Middle East region as a reputable one-stop technology hardware and software supplier pioneer. We continue to innovate with our supply chain and E-commerce platform. Our main focus is always on your individual requirements. With a passion for robotics, IoT, industrial automation and IT, we are committed to working in partnership with you now and in the future. We understand the demands of your markets, developing specific solutions, and integrating them into your processes.

We offer unparalleled service to many Fortune 500 Corporations, small and medium sized companies, as well as resellers and individual end-users of networking equipment. We have given our customers such confidence in our service that we have been able to continuously serve the industrial automation and IT industry successfully for years.

We govern our supply with strict governance procurement and supply process. We also provide end-to-end logistics shipping to cover most geographic end points.

Our Vision And Mission

OTC strives to be the leading technology partner in the region for our customers. Our main aim is to lower the total cost of ownership of our customers. We focus on being an outstanding business partner for our global clientele in a refreshing new way that surpasses all expectations. Trust, integrity and reliability in every transaction is our promise to you.


Key Values

OTC has over 41 years of experience in supplying technology services to our customers in the Southeast Asia, South Asia and Middle East region. Our various regional touch points ensure that we are able to reach out to our customers effectively on the ground. Our depth and breadth in terms of cover, reach and financial resources enable us to provide a one-stop-shop service to our customers.

We provide a plethora of industrial automation, middleware, software integration and IT services under the Industrial IoT platform.

With a focus on low total cost of ownership (TCO), we help you to extend your budget and ensure that every dollar goes farther. OTC’s goal is to ensure that we are your long-term partner in the entire journey. As your partner, OTC is able to achieve cost savings, reliability, and accountability from a technology partner – second to none!

We provide a standard warranty and after warranty maintenance services with little hassle. Things like advanced replacement warranty, and (for those requiring extra piece of mind) optional extended warranties can be made available.

We are able to turn around inventory quickly for our customers. Shipment can be arranged to deliver equipment to wherever location the customer specifies.

Key Proposition

OTC has the expertise to put Robotics / Industrial IoT solutions together. With our team of hardware, software and architecture engineers, we are able to provide a holistic approach to your technology and productivity needs.

Our Layers 1-7 products and services in the Industrial IoT platform allows us to provide full mid- to long-term sustainability to our clients. This include presales engagement all the way to post-sales customer support. Our technical service desk allows customers to interact and raise issues for services subscribed.


Kevin Chan ・ Managing Director

Kevin Chan has been instrumental in the growth of the OTC Group around the region. He has extensive experience in the IT and telecommunication space, having worked in Fortune 500 companies like BT, Orange and Sprint over the last 25 years. Kevin is instrumental in putting best practices across the company. He has assembled a team of staff that works efficiently to meet customer demands and needs round-the-clock. The The various departments like sales, technology, product development, marketing, finance, operations, etc. are all under his purview.


OTC is committed to corporate social responsibility.

We recognize that our stakeholders require concise information about our global social, environmental and governance performance. We are therefore committing to objectives which is based around environmental, supply partners, best and sustainable practices.


OTC prides itself on over 41 years of industry technology practice in the region.

We believe our future depends on hard-working, talented and innovative individuals such as you, who want to make a difference in their company and their careers.

OTC is an equal opportunity employer. We are always giving employees to exercise and execute ideas in an ever-changing dynamic marketplace. OTC believes in letting employees have a share in the company’s success.

For any career enquiries, please contact us.