Alcatel Lucent Singapore

No matter what your industry is Alcatel Lucent solutions, products and services are beneficial to everyone who is wishing to reduce their communication cost, improve user experience, and who wants to implement application fluent networks in their organization.

Industry based specific solutions are available with us at OTC being a solution provider of Alcatel Lucent in Singapore and South East Asia, we have Alcatel Lucent's full range of IT solutions for SMB, enterprises, and midmarket businesses. Hospitality providers, legal businesses, healthcare, public sector entities, government organizations and SMBs. You can greatly benefit from Alcatel Lucent's cloud infrastructure, Alcatel Lucent data centers, fixed networks, wireless networking solutions, top quality routers, switches and much more. 

We at Overseas Technology Center (OTC) will get you started with your digitization process and provide you with the tools required for advanced internal collaboration, end-to-end call handling, and access to latest communication platforms. If you are looking for Alcatel Lucent distributor / distributors in Singapore and South East Asia, why not call give OTC a call. We offer Alcatel Lucent broad enterprise solutions, effective pricing models and flexible and customized IT solutions.