Avaya Singapore

Overseas Technology Center (OTC) believes in being a value added Avaya solution partner for all our clients in Singapore and South East Asia. We offer best of Avaya products and services from Avaya switches, Avaya software defined network (SDN), Avaya access control, Avaya wireless and Avaya Unified Communication.

If you are looking to upgrade your network and need Avaya distributor / distributors in Singapore and South East Asia to assist you, work with us. We truly believe in its products and we ensure that we replace the hardware and software within the time and make sure that everything runs without any downtime.

Avaya networking and data security products are top notch quality and we get you the most reasonable price possible so you get the maximum benefit. With Avaya technology in place, your complete team will get the power of advanced network technology that will lead to low maintenance time, increased productivity and better user experience.