Baumer Electric Singapore

Are you looking for Baumer distributor / distributors in Singapore and South East Asia having Baumer's full range of sensors, encoders and instrumentation gauges?  Overseas Technology Center (OTC) carries a range of all premium Baumer sensors, encoders and instrumentation gauges. All the Baumer products are well known for quality, precision and intuitiveness.

As a well known Baumer partner in Singapore and South East Asia, we ensure that you have access to Baumer's Photoelectric Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Vision Sensors, Process Sensors, Capacitive Sensors and other innovative sensor solutions for usage in factories and process automation. Incorporating sensors in the process ensures that you can monitor various criteria without having to inspect each item.

Baumer's Inductive sensor come in various sizes, different sensing distances and also we have miniature sensors that can be used in applications with little available spaces. Photoelectric sensors are a perfect solution for detection purposes in industrial automation. Baumer's Capacitive sensors are powerful to detect metallic, non metallic, opaque, transparent, solid, conductive and non conductive materials. Process sensors offered by Baumer cover diverse field of application like temperature, pressure, level and conductivity and all these sensors are of highest quality.

At OTC, being your dependable Baumer partner in Singapore and South East Asia, we are dedicated to the task of meeting your exact needs for all your Baumer products and we make those available to you at the best price possible. Call us today for all kinds of Baumer precision sensors, angle sensors, optic sensors, capacitive sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, transmitters, Industrial camera and many other Baumer products here.