by ASTI Mobile Robotics

The ZenZoe mobile robot, developed by ASTI Mobile Robotics and BOOS Technical Lightning, and used in a pilot project at the University Hospital of Burgos, has allowed the disinfection of a total of 3.055 square meters that correspond to a hospitalization floor, the intermediate resuscitation area and eight operating theatres.

ASTI Mobile Robotics and BOOS Technical Lightning have collaborated with the University Hospital of Burgos (HUBU), which depends on the Castilla and Leon Health Department, in the use of robotics disinfection to combat COVID19, thus placing it at the forefront of Spanish hospitals that adopt technological solutions to face coronavirus and guarantee the protection of their healthcare personnel and patients. The Preventive Medical Service has valued very positively the use of the ZenZoe mobile robot developed by ASTI Mobile Robotics and BOOS Technical Lighting, which uses the ultraviolet C light and combines efficiency and safety by reducing the viral load up to 99,99%, according to the results that have been verified for coronavirus by the NBQ laboratory of the National Institute of Aerospace Technology in collaboration with the Military Emergency Unit.

Thanks to the use of ZenZoe mobile robot in a pilot project that has been developed without economic compensation by the HUBU, the hospital has managed to disinfect a total of 3.055 square meters corresponding to a hospitalization floor, the intermediate resuscitation area and the surgical block C, where 8 of the 24 operating theatres that the hospital has are located, which have been used during this pandemic as conditioned areas of UVIs and Covid patient operating theatres. Additionally, this technological solution allows to map in detail all the routes and spaces to be disinfected, with the required calculation programming and proximity to the parameters, equipment, furniture, etc… and with the desired passing frequency depending on the needs. As it is an autonomous system, the operator’s exposure to the physical risk of radiation is also avoided, but he must always be equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment”.

Benefits to optimize resources

The deputy director of Management of the HUBU, Ignacio García Zaldívar, highlights the value of this technological application, assuring that with the experience lived during this sanitary crisis “it is especially useful for the critical areas because, unlike the disinfection by means of chemical methods that also are being applied, like the Hydrogen Peroxide and others, which have required the evacuation of the entire plant, the disinfection carried out with ultraviolet C lights allows, by taking extreme safety measures and planning accordingly, to evaluate only the area to be disinfected and to continue with the assistance activity in other areas of the same plant.” Likewise, ”it is a great benefit for the organization because it makes possible the continuity of the assistance by making better use of the space, as well as the assistance resources, both technical and human, reducing waiting times, disinfection and safety,” he emphasizes.

The CEO of ASTI Mobile Robotics, Verónica Pascual, and the general manager of BOOS Technical Lightning, Alfonso Vázquez de Prada, have coincided in describing as “very positive” the collaboration that both companies have established with the hospital of Burgos to carry out the disinfection tasks of their facilities with the ZenZoe mobile robot.

Technological Project

ZenZoe Robot is a mobile robot that uses ultraviolet C light to eliminate germs and pathogens in the air as well as on surfaces and objects. The exclusive format of the lamp, in terms of power, intensity and size, combined with the continuous movement of the vehicle, favours proximity to the critical areas to be disinfected, minimising shaded spaces and maximising disinfection on horizontal and vertical planes in record time. Moreover, far from other chemicals such as ozone, this robot is not only an environmentally friendly solution, but it is also non-toxic, so no waiting time is required before the disinfected facility can be used again. Its automatic and super-fast battery charging capacity makes the robot ready to disinfect for almost the whole day with a 24/7 working cycle.

This project of ASTI Mobile Robotics and BOOS Technical Lightning has been verified in the NBQ laboratory of INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technology) in collaboration with the UME (Military Emergency Unit) after having been tested for the reduction of the viral load in different surfaces.

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