IoT (Internet Of Things)

We have all seen and heard about inter connected devices in offices, businesses, vehicles, buildings, and electronics that bring the concept of connected devices to users. With internet of things (IoT) you can remotely access software, electronic devices and networks thus increasing efficiency and enabling computer based integration of physical devices. The internet of things in Singapore has really got the attention of end users and companies are keen to go towards the path of connected network. OTC offers a comprehensive suite of IoT services including platform and API to integrate your smart applications and devices to the Internet of things. These include solutions for mobile, smart office and applications for the corporate IT environment.



  • OTC Mobility Infrastructure
  • OTC Mobile API

Smart Office

  • OTC End Devices
  • OTC Monitoring
  • OTC Device Management

IoT Application

  • OTC OpenStack API
  • OTC Linux developer
  • OTC Hardware devices